Many might argue that with increasing amount of social media that has entered our lives, we have become less social in our interactions with people. Be that as it may, fact remains that we live in an era where social media is an integral part of our everyday lives. That is where we get meet and interact with friends, tell the world what we are doing, what we are eating and where, sharing photographs about our vacations, asking for recommendations, finding news. In these days of instant gratification, it is social media that that we turn to for celebrations and commiserations. Social media is here to stay. The medium will continue to evolve over time and the way we consume information will change, but the few square inches of real estate that is our smart phone, will become more and more entwined into our lives.

Social media is impacting our lives in more ways than we can imagine. It is even being used to influence the outcome of national elections in many countries. It is easy for companies to mine the data of users to target advertising and other information.

Use this same attribute of social media to propagate and spread the message by becoming a social media ninja.

  • Share the fact that you are a partner in Plastic Free Coalition
  • Share the link to this website
  • Post stories, pictures and videos on how you are making a difference
  • Post stories, pictures, videos and links on plastic pollution you witness
  • Use the hashtag #plasticfreecoalition in all your posts
  • Post information about the challenges you have taken, events you have attended or organised, the recycling you have undertaken
  • Share tips on creative recycling
  • Suggest ideas on how people can live a plastic-free life

Social media has a tremendous potential to change the world ... for the better or for the worse. Why cannot we choose the immense power and potential of social media to bring about a change in the way we consume the products we consume.

How are you going to use the power of social media to change the world ... individuals, communities and policies?

Become a social media ninja today.



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