If living a plastic-free existence was easy, everyone would be doing it. We intuitively realise that plastic is bad for our health and of the health of the environment, but it is so pervasive around us, that even beginning to think of living a plastic-free life can be very daunting. And many people give up the challenge even before they start! Sure,the transition for our current lifestyle to one that is virtually plastic-free is tough. It is a process, a journey and it cannot be accomplished overnight. But as one walks down that path consciously, more and more opportunities present themselves providing alternatives to plastics.And as you go down the road and become less and less dependent on plastic, you will find it extremely rewarding.

And that is the challenge you have to set for yourself ... to stay the course.

The first effort in the process is the most daunting ... finding plastic-free products. Many products, though not made from plastic, come wrapped in plastic. This is really sad, since the packaging is a single-use item, ripped apart and thrown away in seconds, but polluting the environment forever. There are ways and means to stop buying many items from the store, and start to making the at home. It will take time, it will not "smell" as nice or look as good, but from a functional point of view, will probably be better than a store-bought option.

Transitioning to a plastic-free lifestyle, can be likened to an effort at giving up smoking. It is very easy to slip and fall back to the old ways. That is a challenge that has to be consciously accepted. Once you have started on the journey, you have to maintain the plastic-free lifestyle. Just because you have somehow managed to live a week without touching plastic, there is no reason to pat yourself on the back for a job well done and go back to your old life. Extend the week to a fortnight, then to a month, to a year ... to a lifetime.

You will not fit into the mold others live their life by. You might even be looked at as a misfit in modern society. People will tell you to go live in a cave. Many will make derisive comments. Resist the pressure from your peer group, your family and friends. You are an individual and it is up to you to design the rules by which you choose to live your life. Maybe, thanks to your inspiration, some in your peer group will make the transition to a plastic-free life too.

You do not need to go 100% plastic-free from this moment on. You decide how and in what time frame you will make the transition. It needs to be a short(ish) period of time so that you consciously feel yourself making the transition. Start with your toothbrush. Carry a cloth bag when going shopping. Drop a metal mug and drinking straw in your purse. These are easy transitions to make and you will not end up feeling overwhelmed.

Here are a couple fo Challenges that we have designed for you. Take the Challenge and see your life change.

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