We sincerely invite you to join the Plastic Free Coalition. It does not entail anything between you and us. All that is required is for you to individually take the pledge to do your bit to reduce the extent of plastic pollution on this Planet. Do that only if you sincerely believe in the cause. In these pages you find tips and tricks on how you can make the transition to a plastic-free life. Once you see the benefits, we request you to try and convince other people you know among your friends, relations and acquaintances to follow the same plastic-free lifestyle. Once more and more people join the coalition, we hope to one day reach a critical mass to make a difference. We hope to be able to dictate a plastic-free policy by the Government. Not by just banning plastics, but by offering viable alternatives that are planet-friendly.

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It is difficult, unwieldy and possible undesirable to list the names of individuals who have joined the Plastic Free Coalition. However, below is a list of organisations who have decided to lend their hand in support. We request you to spread the word so that more individuals and organisations come forward for us to be able to work together for a cleaner and better Planet.

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