Plastic Free Coalition is a collaborative effort among individuals and organisations bonded together with the common purpose of ridding the world of plastic pollution. Each and every member of the Coalition can and should put his or her shoulder to the wheel to ensure that we leave a cleaner, greener planet for the next generation. One way to do that is to showcase the many possibilities that exist around us to live a plastic free life.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by plastic and the sheer convenience of it makes the task of living a plastic-free life daunting. Store shelves are filled with products that are made with plastic or are packaged in plastic. Plastic not only screws up our individual health and hygiene, but also wreaks havoc to the environment. We need to make an effort to reduce, if not refuse altogether, our use of plastic items.

One way to do that is to create events wherein we can raise awareness of the problem and also show to people the various possibilities of living a life with plastic-free alternatives. You can create your own event targeted at your own own audience, whether in your community or office or among your friends. Go to this page and create an event. We are just providing a platform for these events, and you do not need to pay us anything to do so. We just request that you invite as many people as possible to join in the Coalition and further the cause.